LEAD with Comp

LEAD with Comp, our new 12-month training and professional development opportunity, was designed with professionals newer to the industry and workers’ compensation in mind. This unique program will equip participants with the knowledge necessary to be successful in the workers’ compensation market space, and the relationships to do so. Our participants will build value for themselves through presenting the workers’ compensation policy to their client first. The key objectives for this program are:

  • Assist agency leadership in developing their new talent.
  • Educate participants in all aspects of workers’ compensation.
  • Assist in building sales strength in the agency and ultimately providing an opportunity to enhance  agency perpetuation.
  • Build relationships between agency staff and AF Group brand staff.
  • Align agency team members with industry-specific verticals (niche markets) and empower them with the knowledge necessary to specialize in those industries.
  • Provide producers with quotes based on leads they generate.  At the conclusion of the program, we will teach them to use the technology needed to effectively prospect.
  • Increase success rate on new business by educating participants on how to displace the incumbent agent.
  • Establish a mentorship program that will foster the growth of agency salesforce.
thumbnail of LEAD daily agenda 2018-09 – for WEBABeditsLEAD with Comp Agenda
for September 2018
The cost of the program is $3,500. Participants may earn a cost reimbursement at the end of the program, which will be based on one percent of new business written by the agency on an annual basis. For example, if the agency writes $350,000 of new business above what was written the previous year, the $3,500 will be reimbursed fully. This amount will be prorated.