CompWest Keep at Work® Program – Adding Great Value

In the nearly 70 years that Hillside House, a non-profit residential facility caring for people with disabilities, has been open, they’ve never had a workers’ compensation provider visit in person.

That is until they signed a policy with CompWest. As part of their regular service, CompWest met with Hillside House at their facility earlier this year for a consultation and to share the many value-added programs and services that ultimately help reduce costs for policyholders. Specifically, the CompWest team reviewed the Keep at Work (KAW) program, which provides prompt and focused personal interaction with the employer, physician, injured worker and their family that results in a reduction of claims and overall work comp costs. The proprietary program shortens the duration of disability and assists in keeping injured workers functioning effectively in the workplace.

Hillside House took in-person consultation and the KAW information very seriously and created and implemented their own policy within a few short weeks of the visit. We’re extremely proud to do business with such a proactive company who believes in the safety and well-being of their employees.

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