Customer-First Loss Control Approach Draws Praise

Placing our customers and their outcomes first is fundamental to our success at Third Coast Underwriters (3CU). For one customer, our high-quality loss control services helped us to stand out from our competition and earn their praise.

During the customer’s initial loss control assessment, it was determined that there were opportunities for growth for their safety program in areas of accountability and motivation. At the initial meeting, we asked direct questions and listened to their needs and expectations. Our 3CU team then created a meaningful service plan that the customer believed in and was excited about.

During the next few months, 3CU provided the customer with the resources, direction and physical assistance to make big strides in improving their safety culture. This included our Safety Inventory System and advanced tools, such as our Safe Observation System and Positive Safety Reinforcement methods, that help to drive improved behaviors.

The customer was thrilled with the improvements. “It’s great having an insurance company that works and communicates with us and helps us find ways to improve,” the customer said in an email. “We appreciate all of the resources you provide for us, such as packets, online materials and worksheets. They are all very helpful and effective. The materials and ideas you provide help motivate or encourage us to move forward and expand our skills in keeping our employees safe!”

While it can be challenging to make material improvements to a safety program, when success is achieved, it makes it all the more rewarding. “Success is a process of identifying areas of opportunity and presenting those ideas and concepts in a way that gets the insured excited about what you are proposing,” said 3CU Southeast Loss Control Manager Dave Brandolino. “Our safety professionals understand the importance of explaining and selling the value of 3CU and that’s why are customers are so appreciative of what we provide them.”

Our consistent, effective processes produce results as we help our customers improve their controls and create a better, safer workplace.