People First Relief Program

Providing Help During COVID-19

Launched in 2020, our People First Relief Program helped ensure the health and safety of our workforce and provided more than $30 million in immediate financial and operational assistance to our valued agents, policyholders, injured workers and our communities as we collectively faced the challenges of COVID-19.

This program supported vulnerable businesses and provided resources to support community service organizations across the country.

“Our partnership with agents, policyholders, injured workers and our communities has led to remarkable and shared success for more than a century,” said Lisa Corless, president and CEO of AF Group. “The COVID-19 pandemic created unprecedented challenges to so many, and this important relief program reflects our commitment toward supporting our customer base and our communities. All of this was predicated on the efforts of our amazing workforce, which is why we continue working hard to protect the health and safety of more than 1,500 teammates nationwide. Their dedication to our collective success has allowed us to make a lasting impact.”

People First Relief Program Summary

For Teammates:

  • Enhanced cleaning and social distancing practices in its offices
  • Flexible leave options
  • Free onsite lunches
  • Paid leave for teammates with existing COVID-19 health issues

For Agents:

  • We accelerated commissions which provided cashflow by paying agency commissions at the beginning of the policy period (for written premium and for AFICA/CW only)
  • We allowed qualifying agents the option to receive either 25 or 50% of their profit-sharing early through our Pay it Forward prgoram
  • We partnered with local restaurants and vendors to provide lunch/coffee to essential workers
  • We worked with our independent agent partners to provide marketing support and education, as well as lunches and medical supplies to policyholders nationwide

For Policyholders:

  • We implemented ‘No Pay/No Penalty’ which provided flexibility on premium payment to ensure no policy was cancelled for non-payment
  • We provided resources to help policyholders navigate the furlough pay process
  • We helped policyholders adjust estimated premium to reflect more accurate class codes and lower payroll expense
  • We launched our TeleCompCare program, enabling policyholders’ access to immediate medical care through telemedicine (physician/PT visits)
  • In conjunction with the agent program, we identified policyholders who could provide meals to essential service employees while offering financial support to small businesses
  • We prioritized endorsement changes to ensure policyholders received appropriate, timely credits and were billed accurately going forward
  • As regulatory non-pay cancel mandates were suspended, plans were put in place to communicate with policyholders to aid their understanding of the process
  • We launched a Safety Related Social Media Campaign with ongoing posts related to health and safety measures, business and financial resources, remote work tools and techniques, home office ergonomics and other useful resources for policyholders

For Injured Workers:

  • The convenience of EFT allowed for the acceleration of wage and medical payments
  • Our TeleCompCare (telemedicine) program provided access to nurses and/or providers for injury evaluation

Additional information and commonly asked questions can be found on our COVID-19 information page.

For Communities:

  • Several contributions were made to community service organizations in the communities where our employees work and live
  • We provided weekly meals to healthcare workers in Lansing, Mich. AF Group employees with medical field certifications were encouraged to volunteer for COVID-19 healthcare efforts

“Through the years, our collective success has been the direct result of the tireless commitment of our teammates and our remarkable partnerships with agents and policyholders,” said Corless. “It is an honor and a privilege to protect our teammates while exploring every opportunity to help sustain these partnerships for a shared, successful future.”