Employee Profiles

  • Photo of Linda Barnes

    Linda Barnes

    Vice President, Service Center
    With AF Group since 1985

  • Photo of Tracy Simons

    Tracy Simons

    Keep At Work Manager
    With CompWest since 2009

  • Photo of Kriste Henderson

    Kriste Henderson

    Claims Manager
    With Third Coast Underwriters since 2013

  • Photo of Collett Mitchell

    Collett Mitchell

    Loss Control Consultant
    With United Heartland since 2007

  • Photo of David Hintz

    David Hintz

    CSP WorkSafe Technical Services Manager
    With Accident Fund since 1999

  • Photo of Jackie Young

    Jackie Young

    Claims Operations Manager
    With CompWest since 2006

  • Photo of Allan Dyer

    Allan Dyer

    Underwriting Specialist
    With Third Coast Underwriters since 2010

  • Photo of Steve Zajc

    Steve Zajc

    Regional Director, Chicago
    With United Heartland since 2011

  • Photo of Teddi McAttee

    Teddi McAttee

    Facilities Assistant
    With Accident Fund since 2005

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