National Accounts

National Accounts Capabilities Offer Alternatives to Guaranteed Cost

Our National Accounts services were designed for customers seeking alternatives to guaranteed cost workers’ compensation plans, such as retrospective rating and large deductible plans. National Accounts offers the opportunity to work with an experienced partner in risk management to more effectively manage the overall cost of risk.

Marketing Resources

National Accounts – Zero Effect

With National Accounts, we bundle workers’ compensation services into a comprehensive package to reduce our customer’s overall cost of risk. We’re transparent, there are no hidden fees or back-end charges. It’s what we call the ‘Zero Effect,’ a crucial factor when comparing us to our competitors.


Territory Assignment

This territory map provides an overview of the states we service and the business development consultant responsible for each of our key states.


Get More for Your Dollar

You have committed to implementing loss control recommendations and building risk management programs to protect your workers and control cost. But is there more you can do to control your total cost of risk?


Appetite Guide

Our team offers a comprehensive workers’ compensation product for customers seeking loss sensitive products. This guide provides a highlight of the core classes we pursue.


Application of Allocated Loss Adjustment Expense (ALAE)

As ALAE is added to the total cost of loss for purposes of retro calculations, these differences give our loss sensitive programs a distinct advantage over plans from other carriers who charge for the some of the value-add services that we offer complimentary.


Client Relations at Your Service

As the central point of contact, our client relations consultants serve as the conduit between policyholders, agents and our workers’ compensation division to ensure continuity of care, effective communication and top-notch service.