United Heartland and Third Coast Underwriters Align Key Services to Benefit Agent Partners

December 5, 2022

United Heartland and Third Coast Underwriters, two leading workers’ compensation brands, have announced a strategic alignment that leverages the expertise of both divisions to create efficiencies for middle-market businesses. 

Underwriting and marketing efforts will now be aligned into two state-focused divisions: Midwest and East. This new territory alignment will serve the full, combined middle-market appetite of both United Heartland and Third Coast Underwriters in healthcare, manufacturing, education, social services, construction, agribusiness and transportation. 

Additionally, agent partners will be able to grow new and renewal business through a single point of contact, while customers continue to receive the same high-touch, specialized service experience from a claims and loss control perspective.  

Tracy Bain, who joined United Heartland in 2012, will serve as divisional director of the Midwest division, overseeing the Chicago, Milwaukee and Kansas City regions. Dana Pierce, who joined United Heartland in 2007, will serve as the divisional director of the East division, overseeing the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions. 

“Middle-market businesses require insurance solutions that are tailored for their unique operations,” said Justin Bealhen, vice president of Business Development and Operations for United Heartland and Third Coast Underwriters. “Aligning underwriting between these two brands will certainly improve the ease of doing business, while providing meaningful customer interactions and deepening agency relationships.” 

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