Earn Continuing Education Credits

Continuing Your Education with Post-Secondary Learning


  • For insurance agents seeking to maintain state licensing compliance
  • Generally, one continuing education credit is equal to one hour of instruction
  • Courses designed for industry professionals and policyholders
  • Available in person or in a real-time, instructor-led virtual class setting
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Our continuing education courses offer high-quality training and an opportunity to earn industry-accredited CE credits to agents seeking to maintain state licensing compliance.

CE Course Offerings

Certified Authority on Workers' Compensation (CAWC) – Up to16 hours

Certified Authority on Workers’ Compensation (CAWC) – Up to16 hours

This deep-dive covers all of the topics listed below, helping you to navigate the complexities of workers’ compensation insurance. Hosted over two days, this engaging course is available both in-person and in a virtual class setting. Learn more about our CAWC program here

Fundamentals of Workers’ Compensation – 2 hours

Fundamentals of Workers’ Compensation – 2 hours

Get the big picture – this course is a general overview of workers’ compensation insurance. Learn the history of workers’ comp, employer liability, how employers provide and obtain workers’ comp insurance, the Federal Employer’s Liability Act and the benefits of workers’ comp.

Experience Modification & Classification – 2 hours

Experience Modification & Classification – 2 hours
This course provides an in-depth look at modification factors to help agents calculate, understand and explain the ramifications associated with a high experience modification (e-Mod) rating. The second part of this session provides an overview of NCCI rules involving risk classification of workers’ compensation insurance, as well as discussion about governing classification, and standard exceptions.

Claims – 2 hours

Claims – 2 hours
This course is designed to introduce participants to the basic, yet integral components of the claims business unit. Key areas of focus include the importance of timely reporting, the coverage verification process, steps involved with handling a workers’ compensation claim, the value of the reserving process, claims management programs, and detecting and preventing claims fraud.

Loss Control – 2 hours

Loss Control – 2 hours
Loss control is a vital component of helping clients control their losses and reduce their modification factor. In this course, agents learn the basics of loss control programs, which provide workers’ compensation risk identification injury prevention and safety services.

Return to Work – 2 hours

Return to Work – 2 hours
To be an expert in workers’ compensation insurance, agents must have a strong understanding of how to implement a return-to-work program. This course details how an effective return-to-work program can save employers money while providing their employees the best care possible.

Total Cost of a Workers' Comp Claim – 1 hour

Total Cost of a Workers’ Comp Claim – 1 hour
This course details key factors that can contribute to the total cost of a workers’ compensation claim and provides an intro to understanding the experience modification factor (e-Mod) and how claim costs affect this important industry rating.

Ethics – 3 hour

Ethics – 3 hours
During this course, participants explore the components of workers’ compensation ethics, the characteristics of insurance professionals, different types of ethical hazards, and the values, morals and laws affecting today’s ethical decision making. Also discussed is the impact of insurance fraud, how fraud is committed and ways agents can help educate the public about insurance fraud.

Alternative Workers' Comp Programs – 1 hour

Alternative Workers’ Comp Programs – 1 hour
This course focuses on the competitive advantages associated with loss sensitive plans, such as retrospective rating plans, large deductible plans, self-insurance and excess workers’ compensation plans. Insights are provided on how large agencies use these types of programs to help customers save money.

United States Longshore & Harbor Workers Act – 1 hour

United States Longshore & Harbor (USL&H) Workers Act – 1 hour
USL&H Workers Act provides employment-injury and occupational-disease protection to approximately 500,000 workers. This course examines the impact on business and coverage needs for policyholders, along with who is covered, the basic provisions and requirements, and employee rights.


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