LEAD with Comp

Build Value Through a Comprehensive, Practical Approach to Workers’ Compensation

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The Short Story:

  • Our most robust professional development opportunity
  • Educates on the practical application of workers’ comp
  • Begins with a comprehensive two-day course
  • Monthly learning opportunities follow with AF Group experts

The Details:

LEAD with Comp was designed with professionals newer to workers’ compensation in mind, helping participants build value for themselves through presenting workers’ compensation to their client first.

The program begins with a three-day training course followed by monthly learning opportunities, allowing you to partner with AF Group experts for activities like agency visits, ride-alongs, eLearning sessions and more — all designed to fit into even the busiest schedule.

The key objectives for this program include:

  • Assisting agency leadership in developing new talent and providing an opportunity to enhance agency perpetuation.
  • Educating participants in all aspects of workers’ compensation.
  • Building relationships between agency staff and our family of brands.
  • Aligning agency team members with industry-specific verticals (niche markets) and empowering them with the knowledge necessary to specialize in those industries.
  • Providing producers with quotes based on leads they generate.
  • Establishing a mentorship program to foster the growth of the agency sales force.

For more information about the LEAD program, contact us! You can also view the agenda. If you’re ready to LEAD, click below to register.
thumbnail of October 2020 LEAD with Comp Lansing MI – Agenda